I Corpi Presentano Tracce di Violenza Carnale

Discogs ID: 26733374

Release date: 2023-05-03

Editor: Digitmovies Alternative Entertainment

Artists: Guido And Maurizio De Angelis

Digitmovies releases Guido & Maurizio De Angelis’ “Torso” (aka “I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale”) OST on LP.

In 1973 a 26 minutes-long stereo LP was prepared for RCS’s promo SP series, but it got cancelled and the 45 rpm didn’t see the light, neither. In 1999 BMG printed out a CD (OST 145) with the editing found in RCA’s archives and paired it with a selection from Bruno Nicolai’s “Gatti rossi in un labirinto di vetro” OST. Back in 2008, when we printed the full 33 tracks-long CD version, we mistakenly wrote “stereo” on the cover, but the music actually came from the mono session recorded for the movie. When Dagored printed a double LP (RED219C), in 2015, they used our mono CD as source. This LP version (running time 37:20 minutes), carries nine stereo tracks on side A and the first two stereo tracks and the following six mono track on side B. Guido & Maurizio De Angelis composed an OST which was perfect for the scenes but which also has its own life outside of the movie, where a quite cheerful and pop main theme alternates with mysterious and suspended ones, at times with dark and frightening voices. An OST for a cult movie, loved by fans all over the world.

Directed by Sergio Martino in 1973 and starring Suzy Kendall, Luc Merenda, John Richardson, Tina Aumont, Roberto Bisacco, Cristina Airoldi, Patrizia Adiutori, Carla Brait, Angela Covello, Ernesto Colli.

A stranger kills a young man and his girlfriend, Flo Nicholson, students at the University of Perugia. Same fate for a girl, collegue of the two victims, and a peddler, guilty of having sold her a scarf which was then found on Flo’s dead body. Daniela Anselmi, friend of the dead girls, scared for her life, moves to an isolated villa in the countryside, with three friends of hers: Katia, Ursula and Jane. The mysterious killer reaches them and, after killing a voyeur and a young in love with Daniela, gets inside the villa and kills three of the four guests. Only Jane will save herself, by chace. After seeing the weird movements of the killer to get rid of the bodies, she gets caught. She will have to fight not to fall victim of the dangerous murderer.

  • 1 - I Corpi Delle Vittime (Titoli) - 2:50
  • 2 - Il Primo Omicidio - 2:04
  • 3 - Perugia - 1:18
  • 4 - Università - 2:44
  • 5 - Macellazione - 1:17
  • 6 - Il Professore - 1:49
  • 7 - La Strage Ha Inizio - 1:01
  • 8 - Corpi Smembrati - 2:39
  • 9 - Ricordo DI Una Tragedia Lontana - 2:42
  • 1 - Raccapriccio - 2:45
  • 2 - Ritorno Alla Vita (Finale) - 2:41
  • 3 - Il Primo Omicidio (#5) - 2:04
  • 4 - Perugia (#3 - Versione Lunga) - 2:24
  • 5 - Corpi Smembrati (#2) - 1:59
  • 6 - Ricordo DI Una Tragedia Lontana (#3) - 3:04
  • 7 - La Strage Ha Inizio (#4) - 1:42
  • 8 - Perugia (#2) - 1:40